Pensacola Shipyard

  • Conveniently located on the deep-water protected waters of Bayou Chico.
  • The Emerald Coast's premier deep-water marina & boatyard.
  • Take care of your vessel yourself, or hire one of the many local craftsmen who work out of our shipyard.
  • In-water or out-of-water service, we have everything you need.
  • Floating docks for vessels up to 70 feet.
  • Protected seawall that can accommodate vessels over 200 feet.
  • 100amp power, video surveillance and after-hours security.
  • Pensacola's finest marine diesel fuel dock.
  • 2019 100 BFM Marine Travel Lift with a 220,000 lb. capacity.
Current Diesel Fuel Price: $4.909
"What's next?"

The Barn at Pensacola Shipyard <-- CHECK IT OUT!

Construction is moving forward on the project to build a very large dry storage boat facility at Pensacola Shipyard. The Barn at Pensacola Shipyard will house 550 boats up to 50' in length. Keep your boat in great shape by shielding it from the weather. More details to come soon.

The Yard at Pensacola Shipyard

Development is progressing for a large hurricane haul-out plan for the property which will accommodate up to 70 yachts as much as 100' in length. Our location is ideal for such a program. Watch for more details coming soon.