Our History

In 1917, The Pensacola Shipbuilding Company announced its opening. They had received a large contract from the government to build steel ships. By August 1918, the Shipyard employed 1,500 people and were expected to hire up to 5,000. Due to the influx of workers and the need for the government for ships, housing units were built for the workers. These were located between “H” and “O” Streets, south of Chase and touching Barrancas.


During the war years, women worked in the shipyard replacing the men who went to fight. During this period, the shipyard grew and built its own electrical plant to assure that the facility would continue during power shortages. They formed their own militia to protect the shipyard and workers.

In WWII, the Pensacola Shipbuilding Company was one of many shipyards that was contracted to build the “Liberty Ships” for the federal government. Since the Shipyard’s inception it has been a waterfront M2 Industrial site and has contributed to the economic growth of Pensacola and the area.